On Janurary 1st, 1996 after 40 years of experience as an average adjuster and claims expert, 24 years of which were spent as partner and managing director of an international claims and settling office, Mr Erwin Joras founded his own enterprise, Joras Euro-Survey GmbH & Co.KG.

Simultaneously, the company was appointed claims and settling agent for the western part of Germany by Lloyds of London and The Institute of London Underwriters. This authorized us to act on behalf of foreign agencies that do not have an international network of claims agents of their own, but concentrate on the settlement of claims at home.

Since then we have been appointed claims and settling agent by numerous well known insurance companies within Germany and abroad. Among the most important organizations we represent are - next to Lloyds of London - the Association of Hanseatic Marine Underwriters (Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer - VHT -, Hamburg/Bremen) as well as The Office of Spanish Marine Insurers (Comisariado Espanol Maritimo, S.A., COMISMAR).

In addition, we intervene on behalf of numerous German and foreign insurers of transport companies and firms active in short- and long-distance haulage (KVO, CMR and SVS)

Last but not least, we count several important Japanese and South-East Asian marine insurers among our clients.

In view of the increasing importance of fast and international communication, our offices are of course fitted with the latest ISDN telecommunicartion systems and high speed internet access computers. This, as well as the fact that all our surveyors carry GSM mobile phones, guarantees service around the clock.

To optimize the administrative handling of claims, a modern network of data processing equipment has been installed in all our offices.

If requested, correspondence can be conducted in French or Spanish as well as German and English.